Saturday, September 24, 2016

isnt it frustrating. to have worked so hard for something to make your parents proud but good never seems to be good enough.

Monday, August 15, 2016

gloomy days in melbourne

hello friends, *sweeps off dust from this page*

sorry i've been mia for quite some time. even though i say this almost every single time i write something new, lol. i guess me and consistent writing, we just don't get along very well. anyway, i traveled recently. i went to melbourne and visited a good of mine there. this trip was a pretty big deal for me. the previous semester has been quite a rough one, so i decided to just travel on a whim. it was my first time travelling solo, and for someone who could barely speak over the phone to the domino's operator- it's a pretty big deal for me. im very blessed to be given the opportunity to travel so often. im aware that not many people get that chance as much as i do, although so many people wish to. alhamdulillah, im forever grateful. travelling makes one more aware of their surroundings. you're exposed to so many new things, new experiences, new cultures, new people. unusual and alien environments that you would never even experience if you didn't step out of your comfort zone. travelling makes you realize how gigantic the world is, and how minuscule you are, in comparison to everything else. you learn that this world doesn't revolve around you, and there is so much more to learn it. so if you're given the opportunity to travel, travel. and make the most of it. explore what is around you, do the things you have never done, and admire the beauty in everything. 

enough of the exaggerated-bombastic-words-you-would-get-from-a-camera-commercial, i put together a mini travel log from my recent trip in snapshot form, hope you enjoy the video :)

gday m8.

Sunday, January 3, 2016

realistic resolutions.

Hello 2016, welcome. Or should i say, thanks for welcoming me into yet another year. I've never really liked the idea of celebrating the new year, i dont know why. I don't like dealing with the overexcitement that consumes people as soon as the clock strikes midnight as if it actually makes a world of a difference. I don't like dealing with the joke the morning after with things like "ive been sleeping since last year" bla bla, seriously people it's getting old. and you're getting old. I don't like having to remember what year it actually is for the first few months. And i don't like dealing with people asking me
"what's your new years resolution"

Because i never really had one. Or maybe i did. But never have i ever achieved any. Like most of us.

But this year however, i think that needs to change. Because i feel pathetic making empty promises to myself and not even being able to fulfil those kinds of commitment. And honestly after long reflecting on this matter, I don't get why I've been avoiding resolutions or accomplishing them. Because thinking back about it, none of my resolutions were even that complicated. I just wanted to study harder or be a better person. Never have I wished to go to Cabo or free climb the twin towers of petronas or whatever. They were all pretty realistic resolutions. I am a sad human being for not having the slightest amount of discipline to accomplish my own promises. And that I would like to change. 

So this year, I have chosen a simple new years resolution to reduce waste. I want to start bringing my own bags everyday to grocery stores, and avoid using tissues or plastic cutleries by bringing my own from home and possibly buy less packaged items. And i will try my best to accomplish this. Hopefully. In sya allah. 

I'll check back with you by the end of the year.

What's your realistic resolution this year? :)

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

bali, indonesia

bali is probably one of those places where you just feel like staying forever because when you're there, everything about that place just takes away all your worries for a while- and when you get back home you start having withdrawals for months. bali was beautiful. 

so frickin' beautiful.