Monday, May 28, 2012

Sea Bubbles.

Excuse me as I publish three posts in one day. Orang baru, biasalah. Dia jakun sikit.

I have this thing that I have a problem with. A thing a lot of people do. Its the methods of propagating religion, Islam to be specific, da'wah (to be more specific).

Ive been observing, how people propagate this beautiful religion. And I noticed that the way people propagate it sometimes makes it look a ye-bit-harsh. Im not saying that theres a specific way to propagate religion. I know that its a subjective matter, that you can be flexible in propagating, its just that I think what a ton of people lack in terms of propagating is faith, and creativity.

There are a few types of people out there who tend to spread Islam just for the sake of spreading. The way they feed it is like "nah here you go, now do whatever you want." I dont see love. I dont see sincerity. And I know its not my place to determine ones sincerity but hey, if I cant see it, I cant see it. For example at school, I see people hating on other people whom they think are slightly "less-islamic". They tend to stay away from people whom they think puts a bad influence on them. I know that you have to pick your friends right, but I mean "if all the good people stay away from the bad ones then how on earth are they going to be good?" I just dont get it. So whats wrong with mixing with everyone? If you have faith in God, and religion, you can be tossed anywhere in the world, be it in a Hawaii, and still maintain your faith.

This thing is basically creating a barrier between two entities. Two entities that are supposed to be one. We're all muslims arent we? We all want God's blessings, we all want 'syurga'. We all want a happy ending. So whats the point of fighting against one another, if we have the same purpose? 

“Bahkan masa itu mereka lebih ramai tetapi tidak berguna; tidak bererti dan tidak menakutkan musuh. Mereka adalah ibarat buih di laut.”

Reflect upon ourselves my brothers and sisters, kuantiti kita banyak, tapi sayang, kualitinya tiada. And how on earth are we going to fix our community, if we're not even capable of loving one another?