Friday, June 8, 2012

Cherish This Moment.

So heres to give you the slightest idea on what I basically did in Australia and Im planning to keep it in under 35 statements cause if you know me Im easily distracted and stuff if I write freely I wouldn't stop til tomorrow and we wouldn't want that. So buckle up kangaroos, 
  1. We rented a campervan. 
  2. We spent 4 days 3 nights in a lovely house in Freo and the other 4 nights in the van. (but technically we only spent 2 nights in the van cause we were losers and we couldn't stand the crampiness of the van so yeah).
  3. We drove from Freo and headed down south but I can't really remember the names of the places they were so weird the only two I remembered were Bunbury (I think) and Koombana or something. Im so bad at this.
  4. We prayed by the highways and it was awesome cause everyone stared as if we were pink kangaroos.
  5. Our meals revolved around fish and chips, nandos, fillet o fish burgers from Mcdonalds, or canned food. But it was fine *I actually like fish*. Not really.
  6. We went to the Maritime Museum where there were a couple of displays on shipwrecks and child immigrants. Oh and we went into a real submarine it was so awesome im actually making that scrunchy its-so-awesome face right now.
  7. We tried to find an opened supermarket by 5 o clock on the weekends and we only found one Asian shop around the corner that sells Lingham. cha-chig.
  8.  Australians turn in extremely early and they think 9 o'clock is late night. Wow.
  9. We walked around a lot in Freemantle cause the shops were just amazing and they were so cute and weird and Australian people were so nice they say hello and good morning to strangers and I just cant possibly imagine Malaysians flinging hai apa khabar to people they dont know. Or a simple Assalamualaikum would do to be honest but we rarely get those as well.
  10. We drove up to a swap market and it was fantastic I bought myself a pair of platforms which I sort of regret by now cause they were a bit boxy and you cant really imagine how they look like but they are just so-so comfortable. It was $12.
  11. My dad bought a picnic basket. I dont know why.
  12. There was a tourist attraction park that has loads of mazes and we suck at mazes, koala bears that you could pat, a mini golf and a giant chess board (y)
  13. And Im already skipping a few days by this point cause I cant really remembered what happened lol but we went to a chocolate factory and it was spectacular the chocolates were amazing.
  14. We also went to a cheese factory which I did not like that much cause Im not such a big fan of cheeeeese probably because of the smell and texture.
  15. There was also a sheep sheering farm and we got to fed baby sheep with cute tiny bottles and my brother got his Australian name there. It was Mick.
  16. Our favourite department store was probably Coles because we shop there for vegetables every night.
  17. They have a self-check-out counter where they scan their own items, pack it themselves and pay. We tried it, but we were so slow and we never tried it again lol but Im actually impressed on how honest they are.
  18. We bought uno cards and a season of Modern Family because we had nothing, and i seriously mean nothing to do at night. The first night we spent watching Bollywood Star.
  19. It was pretty nice to spend some time alone with your siblings. I sometimes think I've lost them to the internet, don't you?
  20. We went to see the dolphins but they weren't there cause it wasn't their season so we only got the chance to see a skeleton of a real dolphin.
  21. My little brother bought a mask that probably resembled her favourite boxer or something for $30 (i know right what a big friggin rip off) but he was begging and sulking so my mom had to buy it.
  22. Target was everywhere. And I love Target.
  23. A little kid on a trolley gave me the middle finger probably because I was wearing the headscarf but I don't want to accuse him or anything but he's been eye balling me in a fishy way for a long time and I regret thinking that he was actually cute. 
  24. They like to refer to us as 'love' as in 'what can i get you love?' Can you imagine Malaysians going like 'ada apa yang abang boleh tolong sayang' lol you'd probably get a restraining order.
  26. But we didnt feel it.
  27. But we were around that area when it happened.
  28. We spent the night before and the wind was about 32 kmh and we left on the day it happened so Alhamdulillah, lucky us. Our campervan was shaking like crazy.
  29. I dont like Australian morning news cause I think they broadcast the same four news over and over again. I think.
  30. Our bags gave birth to three more bags when we were returning. hehe.
  31. The man on the flight next to me drank 4 cans of beer non stop it was scary just looking at him.
  32. Australia was amazing I cant even put it to words but Im going to anyways duh cause if I cant I wont even be typing. The people were extremely friendly, the attractions were amazing, and the country is just so clean sometimes I feel embarrassed when comparing to ours. (not that Im looking down on Malaysia or anything, but logically thinking about it, Islam actually taught us a lot about ethics and cleanliness if we applied that to our daily lives our country too would be spick and span, immaculately clean. But ironic is when the west are the ones more ahead of us.)
  33. We took loads and loads of pictured with our camera. And I mean loads.
  34. Wait for it...
  35. We lost our camera.
Yup. All of that happened. Eventhough they were bad times and extremely devastating moments (when we lost our camera to be more specific) Ive learned a valuable lesson. Those bad things are the things that make up to the perfect holiday. Holidays arent supposed to be about the things you buy or the beautiful pictures you take. Its about the experience you had, and who you shared it with. I for one shared an amazing 6 days trip with my lovely family, and Im just grateful to get the chance to spend time with them. Yeah they can get pretty annoying and they are sometimes a pain in the ass (don't deny this i know you feel the same way) but that's what families do. They annoy you first and save the best times at the end of the day. Holidays are supposed to be spent with quality time, not wrapped up in your blanket until 12 in the afternoon and tweeting about it. So throw away your laptops (and by that I mean put them gently in your drawer and shut them down, don't just log off-and dont literally throw them away) and with two days left, go spend time with your families. Talk, like really talk, talk about your day, play a game, watch a movie together. It would be worth it, trust me. More than the times you spend at the mall with your friends.

So have it go, happy holidays :)
sekolah bukak lagi dua hari beep beep beep.


  1. I had a real good laugh reading this. Thanks for sharing d experience! (;

  2. bestnya . sangatlah jelous :D

  3. I feel like crying cause I don't know if I will ever experienced what you did hmmm

    1. jangan la nangis malaysia truly asia banyak lagi yang boleh discover haha

  4. reading this makes me wanna go to aussie to~

  5. #23, his mom actually turned around and said sorry, I saw her mouthing that but you were'nt looking.

  6. aww this is a so cute post mehhh!
    except the part where you lost your camera. sayang gile!

  7. salam adibah.

    i watched some of your videos when they were still up, and i love them. =) you write well, too. and it's wonderful reading about your holiday experience. truth - spending time with your family means so much more than hours spent at the mall with your friends (not that i like that). keep writing, adibah. you're doing great.

    p/s: i'm teaching at a school in perlis. you can call me teacher nani, if you want. =)

  8. salam adibah.

    may I know estimation of budget for one day there.
    I plan to go there this July.
    :) thanks!

  9. Salam,

    Dear Adibah,
    I like the way you express things! and how you limit 'em in points. Definitely wud try this style.

    Learnt that u guys had just finishd trials, let bygones be bygones, but! make sure to improve =)

    All the best in your SPM, and may your wish of getting a scholarship to study Architecture in Australia comes true. Just lemme know if u'r heading Deakin.