Tuesday, January 29, 2013


I honestly think that my trip to Sabah was one of those eye opening trips where Im just able to sit, enjoy nature and praise Allah for all of His creations. 

So basically my parents came here for work initially so they took off first on Thursday. We came a bit later, just the four of us (me, Alyssa, Ammar and Azhad) and it was freaky on my side, knowing that Im the adult and Im in charge of all four of them. Lets be honest, I am very bad with communicating with real, breathing human beings. Thank God Alyssa was there, she practically looks way older than me and she has a buttload of confidence so she did most of the talking. The authorities at the airport were wondering how old we were and I believe the man wasn't convinced that Im actually 18. We end up getting special handling which is easy for our side and things eased up after that- alhamdulillah.

Since Im also financially in charged my siblings practically used me for my money with hopes that we could claim whatever we bought to our parents afterwards (cheeky little boogers they are). Azhad was seriously checking out toys.

*lets skip the plane part it was boring and Azhad ate like 8 bars of chocolate*
*lets also skip day two*

Day three is whats important lol. We rented a boat and headed off to the Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park and visited all of the protected islands at the area. It was probably one of the most majestic views I have ever laid eyes on I am not even kidding. The sea water was so clear it was as if we were in a swimming pool you could see the surface and all the corals in it. The fishes underwater were so friendly (what a weird way to describe fishes but its true) they were swimming in all different directions like butterflied underwater and they were also leaping off the surface. Leaping. Off. The. Surface. A. Group of fishes were leaping. Leaping. Can you believe that. I still have trouble processing. We went snorkeling at some of the hot spots and let me tell you honestly, when I was in the water looking down at a whole different world under there the experience was just surreal. If you watch finding nemo let me tell you it was as if we were at the set of finding nemo. No kidding.

But despite the endless beauty of the beaches whats sad is that the sea was completely polluted. Along the way we spotted bleach bottles and diapers and bags of chips and plastics and a whole lot of other things. It was really unpleasant. According to the tour guide the reason behind the pollution is because the sea is really busy everyday. Boats pass to transport people from Pulau Gaya ( which is one of the islands that are actually occupied by filipino descendants or something ) to the main island so technically its just like your everyday traffic which is already extremely polluted. Sad, I know.

So um I guess I dont really have much to say anymore Ill just let you enjoy the pictures. Thats it I guess, salam (:

oh and p/s idk how long will my relationship with this blog lasts tbh i have serious commitment issues if you're annoyed by me feel free to unfollow or whatever the term is here in blogspot.com ok bye!


  1. what effects you used for editing gambar ?

  2. adibah, dulu both of your parents belajar uni mana? and where would you further your studies in architecture?

  3. what font did you use in this blog?

  4. Adibah ...u want to be an architect ,aren't you?..curious to know.