Monday, February 4, 2013

Rants on Female Empowerment.

"zaman dah moden, dunia dah maju"

that statement is not wrong. its a fact. but how some people take it, and how they apply it into their lives is what makes it sometimes a bit faulty. 

if you have not read the open letter written to the hijabista magazine, then you should. That letter inspired me, it spoke the truth- which is something I haven't heard in a very, very long time. That letter had guts. It made me realise that people have been applying the first statement at the wrong time, and place and for all the wrong reasons. Trends do not modify religion. Religion modifies trend. In this new and modernised society I realised that women have been pushing new limits, they're starting to rise on top, challenging themselves to do things women in the olden days never had a chance to, fighting for their rights, being almost equal with men, having a professional career, and destroying the stigma that states women are only meant to stay home, do the dishes and feed the kids. And it's actually a really good things. The rise of female empowerment proves that women too can rule the world and women too have an important role the society.

The intention of wanting women to be even more confident and play a part in society is not the problem. The problem is the approach and the missing link on what female empowerment in Islam actually is. What's disturbing me the most about this whole "rise-of-the-muslim-women"agenda is the fact that they don't really understand what islam means by female empowerment. Islam is a religion that upholds women, it protects them. I understand that a lot of people are starting these fashion magazines and styles and setting trends to allow muslim women to be free and empowering and just as able as other women in the world but i think one question is left unanswered here; is freedom really the ability to be an exact copy of the west? Or is it to be able to do what God tells you to, without submitting yourselves to the West?

Because I notice how the women nowadays define freedom, is the ability to dress as freely as everyone else, without restrictions, without boundaries- as long as you put a piece of cloth on your head, that is sufficient to label your ensemble as #muslimfashion #modesty #womeninislam or whatever it is. I find this a big problem because it creates confusions and misconceptions towards other people on Islam, especially the ones who are new, and the ones who know very little about this religion. Modesty comes from within. Its the way you act, and the way you think, and the way your heart functions, and the way you talk. Modesty is you. Modesty is not just a piece of cloth you put on your head. And it definitely is not something you could easily label as how you label your sense of style.

So if you're a sister and you're reading this, bare in mind that I'm not trying to judge, or dictate your way of life I'm just stating my concern on something I feel is huge and important to all of us. I'm slowly progressing to be a better person, and you're slowly progressing to be one too in sya Allah so hopefully we'll reach there in the end. Amin.

Salam xx


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  2. I am absolutely agree with your post.I haven't read the open letter yet-cause I'm not buying any mag.LOL.but yeah,you got the whole point.

    All I can it was Niat tidak menghalalkan cara :)

  3. saya rasa saya dah jadikan awak role model , saya :)

  4. Same goes to me,I already read the open letter the one that Wardina post in her Fb. The same thought came across my mind everytime I see Hijabista mag all over the book store. Idk why the mag does not attract me to buy em. Then I realize what the problem is that has been state in the open later.

  5. Hi Adibah I juust found your blog. Then I accidently google one-upped it as Adni Debate. Just so you know, and are not wierded out.

  6. I am sure you've heard this ka-zillion times already but I wish to see you grow up and be a somebody that contributes something to Malaysia, most importantly, being a role model and representing the ideal Muslim woman (the right way) maybe not impossible through out the globe. My dua goes to you my Muslim sister. :) May Allah ease your life and continue contributing your thoughts.

  7. I envy your words. Keep it up !