Monday, March 2, 2015

istanbul, you beauty.

 recently, i went on a trip to istanbul with my family. theres just so much to tell so i thought i'd simplify things with a few shots i took on my trip. they're not much but oh well, you get the picture.

this is a picture of my sister, standing at the edge of a balcony in Koza Han- a silk market in Bursa. the environment was so chilled- old people chatting over chai, kids running in circles, and a tiny prayer spot right in the middle of the square despite the fact that there is a gigantic mosque located just next door. no excuses now, huh?

this is again a picture of my sister standing in front of this massive quran. we paid a visit to one of the islamic arts museum there and it truly is impressive how well artefacts were preserved. but what i can never understand is why doors were always so low compared to modern times lol.

this is a picture of a row of vintage/flea markets just outside the museum. i love markets. they bring so much joy and colour. and they will also bring you chai, and you know what happens when they start showing their goods and chai is involved, shits gettin' real.

these are mandatory pictures taken on everyones trip to istanbul. i mean if you don't visit hagia sophia, why were you even there right? 80 % of the time my head was tilted in awe. everything was just so majestic. the structure, the carvings, the detailings, the history- it makes you move and at some point if you let it sink in your soul deep enough, it might also make you cry. the effort of maintaining and restoring these giants are also just unbelievable. traffic will definitely not make them demolish it.

this is one of the few pictures i took on a really tack cruise we boarded. it was nice to pass through these buildings and being able to briefly identify its period and style. what's so great about this country is how strong their culture is and that beautifully translates into their architecture. i feel like that was what i appreciated the most.

and finally, this is hafiz mustafa. need i say more?

i kinda do. its an old cafe that sells treats and turkish delights and i must tell you, i'm not a big fan of these things but man, oh man they're gooood.

Istanbul, you beauty. i wish to see you again real soon.


  1. long time no see sister Adibah. You are so lucky.
    Istanbul is one of my travel bucket list.

  2. Alhamdulillah, you are back! :)
    good holiday you have and nice post.
    Always wanting to hear more from you, Adibah Awg


  3. Hi Adibah, I came across your blog and I enjoyed reading your amazing stories. Interested to collaborate? Email me at I couldn't find your email so I am leaving a comment to u. Hope to hear soon. Thanks! Ps: this is NOT a spam yah haha :)