Monday, December 7, 2015

mental health check.

we don't talk about mental health in this country. and that's a problem. 

a lot of people here, don't believe in mental illness. they think that it's something that's been made up, just a state of mind, a way of seeking attention, a personal weakness. people are always associating mental illnesses with being crazy, psychotic, dangerous, violent, asylums, institutions, etc. but believe it or not, mental illnesses are more common than you think. chances are, some of the people you know and love may be affected by it- and you don't even realize.

it goes unnoticed, if you're not paying attention. it's not really something that's tangible. you won't have an increase in temperature, spots won't suddenly appear all over your body, and you won't turn purple when you have it. doctors can't rectify your situation by just placing the back of their palms on your forehead, or by simply asking "where does it hurt". because it actually is a lot more complex than that. sometimes, it will hurt everywhere. it's like a constant dilemma that's occurring inside of your body. one day you will feel completely fine, and the next you will feel like death. there will be days when you feel like your world is starting to crumble right before your eyes, and you will start to nitpick everything thats happening wrong with your life. sometimes, you can't really function in society. and it's not because you don't want to- but because there are days when you feel like everyone is just against you. normal day to day conversations become such a pain in the ass, and socializing is like a death sentence. and to be completely honest, it's not really something you can just "snap out of" nor is it just a "phase". like asthma, or gastroesophageal reflux disease, or even cancer - mental illnesses like ptsd, bipolar, depression and anxiety is also a disease. a psychological one, that affects your mental health on a critical level. and it's about time we start treating it like one. 

start paying attention to your surroundings, and the people around you. care more for people, not just on a physical level- but also on their mental health. don't avoid them, or push them away just because you think they are being "difficult" or "emotional". lend them a helping hand, take them out for walks and fresh air, listen to them when they need support, check on them every once in a while at 2 in the morning - because that's a dangerous time for a lot of people. but above all, just be there for them, and let them know that you are present.

and if you feel like your mental health is affected, here are some little things you can try to do - 
that may help you out ;

  1. fix your relationship with God - just talk to Him, and let Him know what's been bugging you.
  2. accept help from the people that are close to you
  3. focus on the things that you can control, and let go of the things that are beyond your power
  4. remind yourself constantly that it's okay
  5. get sufficient amount of sleep - and even when you can't, just close your eyes
  6. don't oversleep - cause it will probably make you feel worse about yourself
  7. draw your blinds, and let in some sunlight in your room
  8. open the windows, and let in some fresh air
  9. try to get out every once in a while, even if it means just going to the grocery store
  10. declutter your space. make your bed, put away your laundry, and use some air freshener
  11. eat well. make yourself a hearty meal, or go grab a bite to eat at your favourite restaurant
  12. occupy your time with a hobby - sign up for a pottery class, or take up knitting (?)
  13. remove toxic people from your life - and know that it's completely fine to do so
  14. surround yourself with positive people, and positive energy
  15. take a long bath/shower, and give yourself a nice scrub
  16. let it out - talk to someone, write it somewhere or even turn it into a song if you want
  17. reflect on your days, identify the things you are thankful for, and the things that are stressing you out
  18. and do not take yourself so seriously. 

i know it's not much, and I'm not sure how much of a help this post can be for you . But I hope that it does, in any way possible, and i wish you a good day and life ahead. 

p/s : I'm here if you need to talk.


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  3. This does help - A LOT. A lot of people don't believe me when I say there are certain people who calm my demons. Music helps a lot too.

  4. What is the meaning remove toxic people?

    1. it means that if you feel like there is someone in your life that is constantly dragging you down, or is only spreading negativity and is affecting your life greatly- and even if you;ve tried confronting them many times about their attitude but they wont listen, then remove them from your life. its not fair to you, and you shouldn't have to put up with someone like that.

  5. assalammualaikum adibah .
    i really need someone to hear me .
    can i get ur email and what not , so that i can personally contact you .
    i think im having a depression . always said that to my friends ,
    but they be like " its in ur mind , be positive sudah la "
    yeah , if only its easy . i would have recovered easily .
    just a few days left before final exam . currently in my study week ,
    but seriously , dah hilang semangat .

    1. Come talk to me

  6. Apparently most people take mental illnesses as a trend and as a joke. I myself everyday got to struggle with my anxiety disorder. Living in a society that needs constant interactions with one another as to not break the norms, is surely pretty challenging in Msia Dx TT^TT

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