Thursday, July 12, 2012


Sometimes I feel like Im invisible.

Im surrounded by tons of people. At school alone, theres over 700 people altogether. And all of them are completely free, and normal. They walk pass me everyday. As I walk to my class, as I unpack my bags, as I walk down the stairs, as I walk to the musolla, as I buy my food, as I lurk through the school corridors, as I play with the cats, as I stand by the wall, and as I walk back to the car. 

But the problem is, it's like Im not even there.

Sometimes I blank out. I walk facing the ground, looking at my shoes. Sometimes when I see people their faces are blurred out. Sometimes I feel like Im just a shadow. My presence is somewhat insignificant. And to certain extent, even when I yell, even when I scream, even when I throw a tantrum- Im still invisible.

Im not trying to complain, dont get me wrong. I actually like it this way.

This book- Every phrase, every sentence, every word - hit me hard like a flaming bullet.


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